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What Makes Pai A Great Short Getaway


There are many reasons for why Pai is a great choice for a short trip or in the case of many people who get stuck there an extended getaway. Everyone who has visited the charming town in the valley has their own reasons for falling in love with it and many of it’s visitors end up significantly extending what was supposed to be a short trip. Whether it is the relaxed atmosphere and laid back lifestyle, the vibrant culture full of music and arts or the friendly locals who nowadays consist of a whole mixture of nationalities and cultures.


A trip to Pai is most commonly started in Chiang Mai, as the closest major city or hub. By road it takes around 3 hours and for motorcyclists the scenery on route is well worth the trip. Chiang Mai is a wonderful city in itself but Pai has something a little different to offer. Its small size makes it charming and quirky and with the main road now lined with bars and guesthouses all with something special and unique to offer, it’s not the kind of place that quickly becomes boring. It also makes a great base for some the most beautiful natural scenery such as waterfalls and hot springs.

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