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Pure Gain of Brisbane Offer Array of Healthful Mind/Body Treatments


Acupuncture and massages have helped millions of people throughout the world for more than a thousand years. For that reason, they’ve become one of the most sought-out treatments for all kinds of ailments. If you want to live a life that’s healthy and happy, Pure Gain of Brisbane, Australia is the answer.

Pure Gain is an acupuncture and massage company that focuses on bettering its clients’ healthy by bringing the body back into harmony. The specialists at Pure Gain have 25 years of experience of bringing the body back to its healthful state – to give the mind some peace and relaxation.

The popular acupuncture/massage company now offers a new addition to its treatment lineup – floating therapy.

Come see why many of Brisbane and area residents have come to Pure Gain. If you want to maintain a healthy living and your good health, Pure Gain specialists are passionate to make it happen for you.

Acupuncture – What Are The Advantages?

Our Pure Gain acupuncture specialist uses only the finest needles and best techniques to ensure you get a gentle, but effective treatment. Even if you’re terrified of needles, we use non-skin-piercing tools. These tools are also great for children, as it doesn’t cause them undue harm. Cupping and heat are used at the chosen acupuncture points – all in the effort to have a healthy, balanced treatment.

Acupuncture focuses on regulating the body’s circulation energy – to eliminate the blockages and balance the body out. It’s designed to affect how levels of you, from your psycho-emotional level, physiological level, and musculoskeletal level.


Massage – What Are The Advantages?

Brisbane residents can take advantage of the 12 years’ experience of relaxation, remedial and sports massage. Our therapist will develop an individualized massage treatment plan that will carefully and skillfully release the tightness in the body. Targeted techniques for deep release and sensitivity to clients’ needs will help our therapist find what works best for you.

Pure Gain’s massage therapist, Rebecca, is particularly interested in helping people who suffer from neck and shoulder tension along with lower back pain. She has designed extremely relaxation and remedial treatments for pregnant women. Her years of massage therapy experience has fostered the restorative potential the practice has to offer.

Float Tank for Floating Therapy

Clients who opt for our float tank therapy will be placed in a 34.5 degrees Celsius, 30cm of highly-concentrated magnesium sulfate solution, which will help the body to float. The skin’s nerve endings won’t be able to distinguish the difference between the skin and the silky mineral bath it’s in.

You can enjoy the floating therapy in either peace or ambient music, with the light on or off. The choice is up to you.

Meet Pure Gain’s Specialists

David – Acupuncture Specialist

David is a well-known acupuncturist who has been working in the field since 2000. He has assisted thousands of people to become healthier through manual therapies and acupuncture.

Rebecca – Massage Therapist

Since 2004, Rebecca has passionately worked as a massage therapist – to help people feel like themselves once again. She believes in the healing power of yoga combined with acupuncture, massage and floating therapy.

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