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Ayurveda and Asana: How to Balance Your Yoga Practice

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Ayurveda the ‘Knowledge or Science of Life’ is among the oldest holistic healing systems in the world. Originating from India it presents us with over three thousand years well worth of knowledge and guidance that people may use even into the modern day; to simply help us navigate through life challenges and stay more harmonious, healthy and happy individuals.

Ayurveda works on the basis of balance, especially the belief that health insurance and wellness is sold with a balance between mind, body and spirit. With this particular in your mind Ayurveda provides us with comprehensive frameworks to help us adjust our choices in almost every aspect of our lives, from diet, to healing, to what time of the day we have to wake up and go to sleep, also our design of yoga practice! Yup you heard it, we could even use the maxims of Ayurveda to assist us consciously tailor our yoga practice, to help balance our mind, body and spirit for a much deeper level.

One of the principles that are key Ayurveda is the design of the three doshas. Vata the fresh air element characterized by things such as for example movement, irregularity, impulsiveness and creativity. Pitta the element of fire, with it is focus, competitiveness, assertiveness and passion. And Kapha earthy and relaxed, stable, and calm.

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Based on Ayurveda our health and wellbeing declines as soon as the constitution we are born with our Prakriti becomes imbalanced a Vikriti. A Vikriti can often be an exaggeration of our constitution that is existing example somebody who is especially of a Vata constitution can become increasingly airy or anxious when their Vata component is imbalanced, much more therefore than a person who is predominantly Kapha
Another principle that is key Ayurveda is we might have the subconscious tendency to move towards items that reinforce our current imbalance. So as an example someone with a Pitta imbalance may gravitate towards demanding and heating methods, think Bikram yoga the main one you choose to do in a room that is heated the extremely
precise and AshtangaVinyasa that is demanding design. A Pitta predominant type may perform these designs in a competitive and another manner that is pointed will further enforce these characteristics. In Ayurveda and from a therapeutic yoga viewpoint we would prescribe the precise opposite; carefully directing the client towards a less appropriate, more cooling, gentle and relaxing practice possibly with the employment of Shitali Pranayama cooling breath.
It may also manifest that we are purposely annoyed by practices that do not suit us.

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