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The top hints to indicate your body contains toxins and how you can act on it!

Although detox might sound like a catchy word, it indicates detoxification process: that is vital to the human health. The human body has its own method of detoxifying itself over a period of time and the lymphatic system is responsible for the same. It has a job to remove the cell wastes, toxins and other materials present in the tissues, organs and bloodstream that are not required by the body. Our body transports the lymphatic fluid, which comprises of white blood cells, throughout the body in a bid to cleanse it.


Some of the other components of the lymphatic system include lymphatic vessels that are responsible for circulation of the lymphatic fluids to the lymph bodes, which filter the fluid and it also comprises of tonsils, adenoids, spleen and thymus. In the human body, hundreds of lymph nodes are scattered throughout the body.

Although it is an excellent mechanism present in our body, people put it under stress. If you consider the average American diet, it can be found that over 50% of them eat processed and prepackaged foods. As they comprise of artificial sweeteners, preservatives and trans-fats, they are usually inedible and are only used for enhancing the look and taste of food. Sadly, they have undesirable consequences on the body.

It not only increases the risk of diseases, but also increases the stress levels in your body and the lymphatic system gets more waste than it can process. Due to this, it is not able to filter all the toxins from the body and as a result, the toxin levels in the body start to increase. As a result, the toxins stick to the body and they do not get filtered by the lymphatic system of the body.


If the toxin levels in your body are high or if you are lymphatic system is under stress, there are several indicators that will help you know about it. Listed below are the key signs that will help you identify that your body is filled with toxins:

a) Constipation
b) Frequent headaches, fatigue and muscle aches.
c) Food allergies.
d) Problems in losing weight.
e) Acne and other problems in the skin.
f) Hormonal Imbalance.

Apart from the average American diet, there are several other factors that influence the toxic content in the body. If you consider fish, mercury is present in many types of fishes that include tuna, shark and swordfish, that will increase the toxin levels in your body. Birth control pills and other medicines that target the hormones in your body can also increase the toxicity levels. It was observed that continuous usage of pain killers, or having mercury dental fillings or amalgams increase the toxicity of your body.


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