• AA/NA call: 0812 870 512

  • Lisu Homestay: Detox, and Crafts School
    Call 0899 984 886
  • Fish Actually Spa: Let the doctor fish kiss, massage &
    eat dead skin from your feet. Very tickly at first, but well
    worth it…
  • Good Life: Guided meditation to discover source
    11am (free) Mon/Wed/Fri.
    Tai chi and Qi Gong…
    Call 080 614 5316 or Drop in for details on retreats and classes. www.taichi-retreats-thailand.com.
  • Reiki treatments – come and experience unique
    4 hands Reiki treatment. Contact us: 083-5718434
  • The Healing Pyramid: The Healing Pyramid is a
    Spiritual Centre which specialises in both Usui and
    Shamballa Reiki Courses and Treatments.
    Also offering
    Crystal Healing,Cranio Sacral Therapy,Chakra Balancing,
    Oracle Card Readings and Transformative Work.
    Set in beautiful, tranquil gardens near Mor pang Waterfall,
    it also has a Holistic, Organic Spa which provides treatments such as Fruit and Flower Facials,Eastern Healing Massage,
    Detox Packages, Body Glow Scrubs and Aromatherapy.
    contact @ Back Trax or Call- Julie 0899 982 031

  • The Womb is an experimental living community centered around love, meditation, creativity and the courage to discover your own truth. Give birth to your spiritual self… See events section for weekly meditations.
    Tel: 053 065 034 0823 400 120 www.the-womb.com

  • Aqua Floating @ The Womb: A gentle therapy where you
    are floated on the water surface and underwater.
    Experience deep states of relaxation as you melt and merge
    into the limitless.

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