Koh Phangan holiday villas

Bay Residence – Koh Phangan holiday villas

Since it started in 2008, Bay Residence now has multiple villas in the vicinity. The construction team has an excellent track record worldwide. This idea is now being implemented in Koh Phangan and the premier villa development partnership will ensure that they would not interfere in the 70% forest cover.
You can make use of staged payment basis at Koh Phangan as it gives room for competitive prices and the phased payments get phased out eventually.

koh phangan holiday villas
If you are looking for Koh Phangan holiday villas amidst nature, South Thailand would be your best bet to unwind along with white sandy beaches that are barely crowded.

There are 40 islands as a part of Angthogmarine park and you can view some of the best waterfalls while you get to participate in the best snorkeling and scuba diving of Asia.

The rich Thai culture in every day has brought in the concept of ‘Sanook’ – which translates to the fact that the life we have should be fun-filled and enjoy. If you travel along for 15 km from the Koh Samui, which is in the Gulf of Thailand, you get an awesome experience.

The island in Koh Phangan is commonly known as ‘The Royal Stream’ as King Rama V called it that way.
When you visit the island, you will be in love with the Thai culture which propels you for experiencing the original charm and gain inner peace.

Haad Salad
Located at a proximity of ten minutes, you can drive from Thong Sala airport and visit places in the vicinity such as Wangsai Waterfall and Koh Ma Marine park.
With countless coconut trees swaying, the beautiful sight of corals, tropical fish and a beautiful rainbow make this place the best snorkeling experience in pristine water.
On a typical night, when you visit the bay after sunset, you would be mesmerized looking at the long local-tail boats that are in the background while the moon shines brightly.
You can relax and unwind at this beach, dine out at the charming rustic beach restaurants and bars that are located in the beach front. There is also a village in the close vicinity where you have different cafes, bars, restaurants and shops.

Bay Villas, Koh Phangan, Thailand
Boasting of high ceilings and a modern tropical design, we have deep covered terraces with beautiful infinity swimming pools, dining and outdoor area, you can stay in either the 200 sqm or 300 sqm indoor or outdoor villas:
When you enter the villa, you will have a spacious area that is the living area along with dining room and kitchen. The bedrooms and bathrooms have been carefully done with the best hospitality being the target.
Come visit us, you can get some of the best experiences you would never have imagined in your lifetime!
So why wait? Change your life with one experience!

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