Experience The Mix Of Cultures In Pai


One of the most extraordinary things about the town of Pai is the ways in which different cultures have come together in order to create one friendly, chilled out and laid back town. The cultures that you are likely to find on your trip to Pai include Burmese (Shan), Chinese, Thai Mong and traditional Thai due to its close proximity to Myanmar and China. They have successfully mixed their individual traditions and cultures to create a town that has it’s own unique atmosphere and lifestyle. This is reflected in just about everything from the food to the handcrafted items available in the colourful and quirky markets.


It is probably the way the people have come together to develop what was once a small market town into a thriving backpacker town that makes Pai so special. Anyone who is visiting the north of Thailand and has a few extra days on their hands should definitely make the trip to Pai and it will not be an experience that is quickly forgotten. There are regular buses from Chiang Mai, you could go by bike or car or there is even now a small airport so it is possible to take a flight.

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