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Sofia Sundari is a world renowned Tantra instructor. To empower people, Sofia provides tutelage in Tantra, serves as a writer, and also offers guidance on mystical femininity and Tantric &Taoist sexuality. Through this medium, people are guided to erotic freedom where their enlightenment serves as a link to the divine
My name is Sofia Sundari, and my goal is to remind you of significance the power, beauty and the purity of your erotic nature. Working in truth and returning things to the point of pure love, which is the original nature of all things, is what I strive for.
By giving you a place to let you be yourself, you can free the darkness within and learn to use it as a means to brighten your light while also unifying your spirituality and sexuality.
To take part in my Tantra courses, retreats, or enroll in the priestess school, yoni egg training & tantric couple training, you can do so in either Bali or Ibiza, wherever you feel more comfortable.

Before I go into details about myself, let us define who you are:
You are a being who shines brightly, powerful and has come to terms with who you are.

But at the moment, you are lost in this form:

You are tired of suffocating in all those small spaces which serve as a boundary between you and your potential, preventing you from enriching others with your talents.
You are enchanted by stories about love and wish to feel the love in a way that surpasses what others have, but the only problem is that fear has made it difficult for you to achieve this love.
You want to be able to assert your position when you want to feel confident in expressing yourself everywhere you show up, you want to stop hiding and shine your light with confidence everywhere you go
You know deep within yourself that sexuality is a sacred topic, but there was no one to give you your desired enlightenment, so you did not get the answers you wished for.
You feel it is a disgraceful act to be who you are sexually and you have accepted that it is unholy when you confidently reveal your sexuality.
You seek an avenue to achieve your peak, sexually, as you believe the joy it brings can be a turning point in all aspects of your life.
You have gotten weary of working too hard to please others, while you ignore your needs although every fiber of your being truly wishes to live to the fullest.
You have never had the opportunity to experience an orgasm and you are fed up with pretending you have one…You want to have the feeling of great happiness and excitement in your daily life through sex.
You usually have frequent orgasms but you want to feel it through your entire body with a partner and if needed, without one.
You are desperate to find someone who shares your views on the sacredness of sexuality, who will not judge you and is ready to open a new world with you through sexuality.
You are desperate to overcome the pains you experienced sexually as a result of previous relationships which have been preventing you from enjoying love.

If any of these brings an image of yourself to mind, then this is the opportunity you have been searching for.

priestess school

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