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Atsumi, an Invitation for Transformation


Southeast of Thailand’s famous Phuket Island is a place called Atsumi. It’s one of the many places where people can relax and enjoy Phuket but what makes it special is the prospect of a complete transformation from stressed-out worker to worry-free person. Atsumi is the original healing retreat for everyone poisoned by the daily food preservatives, work, stress and noise through detox techniques like fasting in a peaceful, relaxing environment.
Phuket, Thailand is famous globally for its beautiful sandy beaches, its lush tropical climate and especially the friendly Thai culture. What better location for a relaxing, body-cleansing retreat than Phuket. While there are resorts on the island that provide similar services, Atsumi has pioneered the fasting and detox service and has more than thirteen years of experience. While detoxification is by no means permanent, many of our guests have returned several times to renew themselves and avail of our cleansing regimens.

Why Should You Fast And Detoxify Your Body

While the modern world can cure an array of diseases and ailments, there are still come health imbalances they cannot take care of. Fasting has been around for decades now, and recent studies show it plays a part in adaptive cellular responses that can decrease inflammation and oxidative damage. It will help enhance energy metabolism and better cellular protection. Fasting is one of the best ways to reduce the speed of aging and to prevent all kinds of diseases.

Why You Shouldn’t Do Fasting At Home?

When it comes to fasting, it isn’t something you should do at home. Sure, minor juice fasting is fine, but if you want to carry out a full fast that uses herbs and cleaners, it’s better if it’s done at home and combines it with a unique physical and spiritual experience program.

Do You Offer Both Accommodations and Fasting Prices?

We provide various accommodations styles that can meet everybody’s budget. If you stay in another location, you can still visit us to do the fasting and cleansing program.

Who Should Not Do The Fasting Program

The fasting program is geared toward healthy adults. Atsumi staff informs potential clients that they should visit their doctor before they do a fasting program, especially if they suffer from any chronic or health problems.

Atsumi is not an alternative to a medical center.

Instead, it’s a holistic healing center with staff who are trained in the holistic health and have a plethora of knowledge about the field. Your health condition will dictate your program. Our Fasting Consultants will change the program or book a doctor’s appointment for you to ensure you can undergo the program.

If there are any other problems, we will offer you some alternatives.

Atsumi’s Full Detox Fasting Cleanse

Our Full Detox is a level one cleanse and intense program. It can be started any time of the week and runs for a minimum of four days and up to 21 days (provided there are no complications).

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