The Development Of Pai


Pai was once upon a time in the not so distant past a very small and sleepy village where a mixture of cultures, religions and nationalities have come together to form a vibrant town. Until just a few years ago, Pai was a simple Shan market village in amongst stunning natural surrounding and relaxed and laid back atmosphere. Today it has managed to keep much of it’s original charm but now has become a great deal more set up to cater for tourists and backpackers. The development of the small village into the popular tourist destination of a town that it is now has been very successful and the economy is now largely supported by tourism.


The town of Pai remains to be very small with just one main street through the centre and a few streets leading off from it. The surrounding nature remains as beautiful as it ever was with natural hot springs, waterfalls and jungle all around and ready to be explored. There are now a sufficient amount of restaurants, guesthouses and bars to cater for the buses of tourists who arrive during the high season and they each have their own style and charm.

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