Enjoying The Road To Pai


Pai is small town and a popular tourist destination not far from the city of Chiang Mai. There are a number of different modes of transport that can be taken in order to reach the sleepy and culturally rich town and it all depends on your preference and a love for the open road. Buses are probably the most common option as there is mini van service that provides a fairly comfortable travel experience. The buses are very frequent between Chiang Mai and Pai are also probably the cheapest option. They are air-conditioned and full of like-minded people so are a great option if you are travelling alone and hoping to meet people.


For those who prefer to take things into their own hands, renting a motorcycle and enjoying the wind on your face as you wind you way through the mountains is a great experience. Pai is known for the abundance of curves and bends on the main road to get there so caution needs to be taken at all times, especially on a bike in wet weather. It’s a great chance to enjoy the scenery whilst you are on your way and it truly is a beautiful part of the country.

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