Top Attractions To Be Discovered In Pai


Pai is a popular and quirky town in the province of Mae Hong Son and whilst it is known for being a sleepy and laid back town, there is certainly no shortage of things to do. Furthermore the options are as varied as they are plentiful and whatever it is that you into from relaxing in natural spa’s to trekking through the jungle, there is something to suit every interest.


Pai is situated within a valley and a long and windy road through the mountains must be travelled in order to reach it. These mountains are covered in jungle with many hidden natural wonders that are waiting to be discovered and explored. Mae Hong Son is known for its abundance of waterfalls and hot springs, where Thai’s and tourists alike enjoy indulging themselves in the natural water. Some guesthouses and resorts in and around Pai have even been able to tap into this hot spring water to provide their guests with natural hot water and pools. The surrounding mountains are also home to a number of hill tribe villages and jungle treks will often involve visiting one or more of these unique villages. Another top attraction of Pai is the Wednesday market where all kinds of handmade products can be purchased.

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