• Wat Luang: In the past this central place was used
    to feed elephants. Today it is the most famous and
    most important temple in Pai, where important Thai
    ceremonies are frequently held. The big Shan pagoda
    and spirit house protect the town from negative
  • Wat Prathat Mae Yen:

    The Temple on the Hill…
    Spectacular View over the Pai valley…Beautiful
    Place to Watch the Sunset…

  • Wat Nam Hoo: A Sacred Chiang Saen Buddah
    image ‘Lunag Po Une Muang’ is situated here. It is
    believed that the king ‘Naraesuan Maharaat” built this
    temple in order to give good kharma for his older sister
    ‘Pra Peenangsuphan Ganlayaa.’ Her monument is at the
    sala near the fish pond.


  • Chinese Village: Shandicun .
    Besides Chinese souvenirs, Shandicun offers tea tasting
    sessions, a restaurant & horse riding. The Chinese
    houses are built of mud and straw surrounded by
    beautiful Chinese landscape.
  • Mae Yen Waterfall: about 7 kilometers from Pai. A
    three-tiered waterfall, one of the most beautiful in the
    district. It’s a long hike, so don’t forget to take plenty of
    water & leave early … wouldn’t want to get stuck in the
  • Mor Paeng Waterfall:

    8 km from Pai, one of Pai’s
    main attractions. There’s a jungle pool, so take your
    swimming gear if you want to go for a dip, the rocks are
    smooth, just find a small section & slide on down like the
    locals do!

  • Pai Canyon:

    Kong Lan on the highway 1095 before
    the World War II Memorial Bridge. Best to visit early
    mornings or for sunset, as in the afternoon the area can
    get very hot.

  • Pem Bok Waterfall:

    turn off near Pai Canyon. Nice
    secluded waterfall with 20m high cliffs surrounding it,
    making this a very cool place to escape the heat.

  • World War 2 Memorial Bridge:

    major tourist
    attraction built by the Japanese as a transportation
    route between Chiang Mai and Burma. Located about
    9km south of Pai along Highway 1095.

    Top Tips

  • Drinking Water Refill: Help reduce plastic waste!
    Refill your water bottle @ Art In Chai. 3 baht/Litre.
  • Recycling: Help the Environment! Separate all your
    plastic and glass rubbish…it will get recycled by the locals.
  • Dengue Fever! Dengue mozzies bite during the day…
    use repellent! Don’t get bitten! Natural Hand Made
    Repellent available @ Barista, Sleep Alone & Art in Chai.
  • Chinese Lanterns (Kom Loy ) Although these
    look amazing, be aware that they can start unwanted
    fires and become litter the following day! So please,
    if you let one fly, then pick one up the next day!
  • Thinking of renting a motorbike for the first
    time? Pai’s Bike School was established to reduce the
    number of unnecessary accidents. Scenic tours also
    available. Don’t be a statistic! Tel 080 614 5316
  • Wear a Helmet… Drive Slowly…Don’t Drive Drunk !
    Bicycles for Rent: available all over town. Usual
    price 50b/day. Save the environment and get fit!
  • 97: The place to buy rare western groceries!
    Home-baked bread, cheese, butter, olives, pasta,
    baked beans, sour cream & a good wine selection!
  • Dr Shoe Service: Opposite Art in Chai …
    Backpacks, bags, belts, shoes, zips, buttons
    and more… all fixed at locals prices.


  • Local Fresh market: Daily 5-7am & 3-6pm. Check
    out the surprises wrapped in banana leaves! Lovely
    fresh veggies, fruit, bugs, frogs on sticks and other
    super special Thai delicacies!
  • Monday Market: 5am – noon near Pai Airport
    Local style market. Look up and you’ll see the biggest
    Mango tree in Thailand!
  • Wednesday Market: 5am – noon. Another local
    market where you’ll find all kinds of treasures!
  • Walking Street Market: 6pm. Lisu Hilltribe
    goodies, hand-made jewelry, leather goods, souvenirs
    post-cards, roti, & all sorts of yummy BBQ’d stuff on
    sticks! Check out the little burger van near the end of
    the street…they do great burgers and proper chips…
    Favourite Eateries

    Outdoor Activities

  • Adventure Motorbike Tours: offers a unique
    range of road-bike and dirt bike tours throughout the
    spectacular mountain provinces of Northern Thailand.
    Contact 053 699 843 or 0895600813
  • Tip Off road: Visit remote hill tribe villages along
    Burmese /Thai border. Under guidance of experienced,
    local expert tour-guide. Customized dirt bike tours and
    lessons with an experienced professional. No experience
    necessary. All equipment is provided. Call 08-6190-5120
  • Thai Adventure Rafting: White Water Rafting
    & Trekking… Recommended by National Geographic.
    First White Water Operator in Thailand, 23 Years
    Experience. Contact: 053 699 111 or 081 993 96 74
  • Back Trax: Rafting and Trekking Contact 053 699 739
  • Pai Adventure: Rafting, Rock Climbing, Kayaking,
    Trekking & Mountain Biking. Contact 053 699385
  • Pai Zip Line Adventure: Experience the thrill
    of flying through Pai’s treetop jungle canopy.
    Near Pambok Waterfall.

  • Piranha Fishing Park, Restaurant & Bar.
    Looking for somewhere to
    Chill out, Fish for Piranha or Catfish? Large selection of bait available & a fridge full of cold
    beers. Amazing Thai & Western Food. Full day 150 Bht/30Bht per hour, tackle provided. Peaceful lakeside bungalows for rent inc. free fishing. Near Mhor Peng Waterfall. Tel 08 5707 5074

    Elephant Trekking
    Enjoy the view perched high upon the back of one of
    these magnificent beasts as you trek through the jungle or
    along the river. You can ride bareback & play with the
    elephants in the river. Thom’s Elephant Camp also offers
    mahout (elephant trainer) Courses Homestay and natural
    hot spring water tubs, so you can relax in a hot tub after
    your adventure…All the elephant camps are located on
    the road to the Hot Springs.

    Saunas, Steam & Hot Springs

  • Fluid – 25m Pool, Herbal Steam Room,
    Gym, Books, Groovy Tunes,
    Cool Bar & Restaurant
    serving delicious European
    style dishes. Free entry to
    pool for Mountain View or

    Pai River Lodge guests. Open 9am – Sunset…
    Hot Days & Cool Tunes “Refuel your Lifestyle in Pai”
    …Closing at the end of July… Open again in October…

  • PTTM: Herbal Steam & massage
  • Thapai Spa Camping: hot spring pools
  • Hot Springs National Park: Huai Nam Dang
    Amazing steamy sights on cold mornings!!! 200Bht Entry


    Mam Yoga: Hatha Yoga. Open you heart & improve
    your technique. Suitable for beginners. Tel: 089 954 4981

  • Thai Hermit Yoga @ Pairadise Guest House
    9am Mon – Sat
  • Xhale Yoga @ PS Riverside: An intelligent and dynamic approach to Hatha Yoga. Mon-Sat 10am. Check Yoga Retreat Schedule at or call: 089 758 3635
    All classes and retreat instructed by ‘Bhud

    Martial Arts

  • Kung Fu School: Old Style Shaolinl Kung Fu
    Hard & Soft, Chi Kung, Internal Power.
    Check us out:
    Tel: 0822 988 939
  • Rose Gym (Muay Thai Training Camp)
    Call 0868 545 968
  • Shivaya 555 Gym: Muay Thai Boxing
    Contact Pi Noi 0845 599 070
    Training sessions Mon- Sat 8-10am and 3-5pm
    Beginners to Expert…Everyone Welcome
    Private Sessions Also Available.
  • Martial Arts School: Tai Chi (internal kung fu) ,
    Sanda, Martial Qi gong, Qinna, self Defence,
    Chen tai Chi…Fully inclusive residential courses.
    Contact 080 614 5316

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