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In Koh Phangan, Thailand, you’ll find the Vegetarian and Vegan Restaurant, Evolution Yogi Café. This place is a vegetarian destination for anyone that wants to live a healthy lifestyle and have healthy eating as a part of their lifestyle. Our goal was to create the Evolution Yogi Café to nourish the body with fresh and healthy food that tastes great. Our delicious food keeps you fueled up throughout your busy day. We believe that food is the source of our greatest energy. Our vegetarian dishes are inspired by the Koh Phangan, Thailand area.

koh phangan restaurant vegan


At the Evolution Yogi Café, we use the concept of Shaucha which is purity of the body, mind, and speech. We feel that making healthy food is essential for your general well-being, happiness, and health. All our food in made in house and we never use any sort of processed, artificial or refined ingredient. We don’t use added sugars or MSG in our food. We pay attention to where our food comes form and go an extra mile to choose quality food for you. Our menu is available for you to view at any time you wish.

To explore everything at the Evolution Yogi Café, the Healthy Evolution Journal features entries by our in-house Yogi Nutritionist Sara. She addressed many health topics and will answer all the questions that you have.

koh phangan restaurant vegetarian

Our Workshops

We offer workshops on a weekly basis. Sara G, our in-house Heart & Soul Nutritionist, gives you a hands-on experience on how to evolve your body through the food that you eat. We have workshops that run in cycles on Fridays. These workshops are two hours long where you do hands-on activities, listen to a lecture, and then have a discussion. You’ll finish the workshop by sampling delicious food from the Evolution Yogic Café menu. Our latest workshop times are available for you to view at any time so you can find one that suits your schedule.


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Koh Phangan, Thailand

Koh Phangan, Thailand is a unique and special area. Koh Phangan is “the destination” for emotional, spiritual, and evolution of the physical body. One end of the island features Full Moon parties and the other end of the island features Sri Thanu, which is known for its transformative powers where you’ll find many self-growth activities. In this area, you’ll form relationships and find many friends. You’ll be transformed by the beauty of the beaches and lush jungles around you

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