Yoga Koh Phangan, Thailand


The Yoga Retreat, Thailand


The yoga retreat presents you with a 6 to 30 days of yoga camping * packages of 3 to 14-day detox program* vegan, veggie, raw restaurant* free access to Wi-Fi* hatha yoga and Ashtanga Mysore
Situated in the northwest area of Koh Phangan in Thailand.

The yoga camp can be found in the jungle, which is a ten-minute’ drive from the beach of Haad Salad. The camp environment is conducive enough to help in improving your skills.

The yoga retreat is a place to be on vacation. Regardless of whether you are a newbie or an expert, yoga retreat Thailand is a tool that helps in improving your personal skills available to you. Also, we make sure that students learn by continually practicing on their own. Through these practices, students are motivated, and they learn to adapt to changes made by their body which eventually leads to positive changes, for instance, self-healing in the body. Various devices that may be used for this positive change may be learned through meditation, detox program, pranayama, chanting, and yoga.

The founders, Teresa and Kes Kennard, believed that yoga is an excellent tool for change. Utilizing the experience they both had in their love life, they came about an approach to bringing true transformation. Teresa and Kes established their home and their enterprise in Thailand in 2000.

Yoga Retreats

Our basic yoga programs comprise of Ashtanga which takes place once in a day, chanting, pranayama breathing and meditation.
It requires at least six nights up to 30 nights stay in our exclusive onsite accommodation. They are all equipped with fans, mosquito screens, and hot water.

Ashtanga Yoga Retreats

The course of 6 to 30 days of deep and concentrated rehearsals includes the elementary features of yoga, for instance, the eight limbs, postures and alignment, philosophy. Yoga Sutras and Bhagavad Gita with Bill Brundell Authorized level 2 full intermediate (since 2001) and chanting Shanti mantras.

30 days Ashtanga Yoga

This includes 30 days of deep practice of traditional Mysore Ashtanga as instructed by K Pattabhi Jois Ashtanga Yoga Institute, India.
There, you will be taught how to put the philosophy of the 8limbs of yoga and chanting into action, therefore, laying a good start into the course of Yoga.

Detox/fasting Thailand
Wastes in the body need to be removed for you to develop your body. This program will eradicate all the poisonous excesses that have accumulated in the body system and then regenerating and preparing your body, giving you more energy also helping to avoid sickness.

What is a Detox?
Detox helps metabolism. The body is always active, and so a detox is an approach to relax your digestive system so that the body can concentrate more energy on cleansing and developing the body systems which in turn gives you sound health. A detox requires a calm and serene environment that can enable you to express your feelings both physically and emotionally.

Getting ready for your detox in Thailand
Make yourself ready: pre-cleanse. Avoid taking a large quantity of food before your detox. Abstain from sugar, fatty foods alcohol, coffee and other stimulating substances. Incorporate more of fruits and vegetables in your meals.

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