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Are you searching for a productive way to contribute to the community? Are you prepared to take your Yoga practice to greater heights? This might be an ideal opportunity to assume the responsibility of imparting your enthusiasm for Yoga to your acquaintances and the general public.

What we offer is a space for integral evolution through Akasha Yoga, and we welcome you to travel with us to the very foundations of traditional Yoga. We harbor the belief that a strong individual practice, a considerable philosophical, anatomical and profound comprehension of Yoga, and the enthusiasm for our teachings, are the important factors to becoming an effective Yoga educator. Our broad knowledge from years of instructing Yoga trainers gives us the ability to choose enabling techniques that rapidly transforms applicants into successful teachers.

The wide-ranging curriculum of our 200-hour intensive lessons is certified and endorsed by the prestigious international Yoga Alliance. We offer an ardent Teacher Training course to transform your enthusiasm into a successful vocation.

yoga ttc thailand

The roots of our lessons are energy-based traditional Kundalini Yoga, Hatha Yoga, profound heart reflection, and the non-dual knowledge of Advaita Vedanta. Our aim is to harmonize the heart and mind, to create a union between rational comprehension and spiritual practice, and to create existing moment consciousness. Genuineness and motivation, enthusiasm and dedication are our trademarks. Our teaching encompasses the yin-yang phases of Hatha Yoga. We instruct an arrangement of 28 traditional postures, which consolidate the customary motionless assumption of stances with the dynamic stream of sun salutation. We practice the control over mind, body and energies, while building an endless flow of consciousness.


We offer a variety of key factors that will enable you to attain the level of a qualified Yoga educator: wide-ranging knowledge of Yoga practices, commitment to practice, dexterity in improvements and conformities, steadfastness in Yoga tradition, and the advancement of leadership skills. This is supported by our high conversion rate of graduates who confidently assume the post of instructors following our teachings.

We offer full-time training sessions which covers a 4-week duration. Teaching hours are Monday to Saturday, 06:15-18:00. Training sessions often begin with meditation and Hatha Yoga practice, next is breakfast and then the morning theory block. Afternoon lunch time-outs are necessary for relaxation and study. The evening sessions includes a secondary theory block, and another Yoga practice.
The initial phase of the training are for developing strong roots of theory and practice, and the second phase concentrates on the improvement of instructional aptitudes. The educational programs of our 1-month intensive teachings are organized in this manner.

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In order to improve your body’s health and not run the risk of possible colon cancer, it’s really important you cleanse your colon.

For A Better Digestive System:

Your colon pushes waste through your body’s system to make room for nutrients. Performing a good colon detox will allow waste to pass through much faster and great deal more easily.


Regular constipation can lead to several health issues including waste remaining in your digestive system for a longer period of time. This, in turn, can lead to hemorrhoids, varicose veins, and other irritations.

Improve Your Energy Level:

Removing toxins from your body is regenerating and focusing energy to other parts of your body instead of forcing waste through your intestines. Those who have undergone colon detox have stated their blood circulation has greatly improved, they experience a more restful night’s sleep, and have gained higher levels of energy.

Better Absorption Of Vitamins And Nutrients:

A healthy, clean colon will allow only water, vitamins, and nutrients to become absorbed into your bloodstream. This will create an open path for critical nutrients to enter into your body. This alone should tell you why a good colon detox is so very important.

Better Concentration:

Your concentration can be affected by a poor diet and lack of crucial vitamins being absorbed into your system. You can become easily distracted and unable to concentrate on anything for any length of time. Mucous and toxins can build up in your colon not allowing your body to function as it should even if your diet is healthy. With a good detox diet, you can cleanse your colon that will make a big difference between not being able to focus to feeling alert and focused. Let’s face it, your ability to focus and a feeling of alert has a dramatic effect on your health, your job, and your relationships.

Lose Weight:

Foods that are low in fiber will move through your digestive system much slower than foods high in fiber. When foods move through your body slowly, your body will experience excessive mucous that literally sticks to the walls of your intestines. Your intestinal tract will be slowed down with unwanted pounds of decaying fecal matter!

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