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If you are planning to evolve yourself, Agama is the way for you!
Not only do we teach, but we also unite. Based on the ancient spiritual philosophy along with the modern world techniques, we provide you with the best knowledge regarding Yoga. Based on spiritual learning, we help you with your health and vitality in an environment that enables the modern Yogi to learn more about the practice and exploring the different systems of Yoga available.
Our students benefit due to the clarity and spirituality we inculcate and thereby, we empower them to have a balanced life in the long run. The aspiring students are offered excellent support to live their lives to the maximum extent possible by providing them with the direction to awaken them from within. W, at Agama Yoga try to help everyone with the tools that they require to live harmoniously even after they go away from our center.

Agama Life
It is all about the depth.
Based on the teachings by Swami Vivekananda Saraswati, we cover different topics related to Yoga along with AgamaYoga.TV, weekly satsangs, courses related to Agama, workshops, extracurricular activities, retreats and you can also experience the wonderful ambience of Evolution Yogi Caf้ as a part of your routine at Agama.


Swami Vivekananda Saraswati, popularly known as ‘Swami’, is the founder og Agama Yoga and he is a highly experienced and passionate teacher to help his students with the principles of Tibetan and Indian Yoga, so that they are rich in spirituality and make it a habit in their daily lives.

In the course, you will learn more about how Agama evolved starting from the roots to how the core principles can be adapted as a part of your daily life.

We also offer Yogic-friendly lodging, clothing, media and everything else you need. We have everything you might need owing to our affiliates at Agama.

Agama on-demand
When you watch AgamaYoga.TV, you can have a look at the school life directly and view the lectures of Yogic topics, courses at Agama, workshops and we also cover all extracurricular events that are a part of Agama.

Everyone can join the Community
We have a wide range of events that happen daily, weekly, monthly and annually that is open to the entire community and helps them to enhance their knowledge and Yogic based support.

We also have a monthly journal named the Agama Journal which covers a variety of topics that individuals might think of when they are at our Yoga retreat in Koh Phangan based in Thailand.
Most of the popular social network sites are covered by Agama and you can read more about us by following us on social media.

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